Puri Khatulistiwa Hotel Jatinangor and History of Jatinangor

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Puri Khatulistiwa Hotel Jatinangor Puri Khatulistiwa Hotel:: Jatinangor as a new district name used since the 2000s. Previously, the district was named Cikeruh. Jatinangor name itself is a block plantation at the foot of Mount Manglayang which became a college campus there
Several important objects in Jatinangor include historic objects and objects of tourism. Historic objects
in the form at the campus clock tower and bridge Cikuda UNWIM currently better known as the Ring Bridge. Once the bridge is used as a railroad bridge that connects the train lines from the direction Tanjungsari to Rancaekek.
Clock tower - which is often referred to by the community Loji Tower - was built approximately 1800s. The tower was originally functioned as the siren sounded at certain times as a marker of activity that took place in the rubber plantations owned by Baron Baud.

Neo-gothic style building was once rang three times a day. First, the 05.00 as a marker to start tapping rubber; at 10.00 as a marker to collect the sap of the rubber bowl-bowl; and the last at 14.00 as a marker of the end of the rubber production activities. Puri Khatulistiwa Hotel Jatinangor The object of tourism in Jatinangor include the camp Kiara Payung and Bandung Giri Gahana (Golf and Resort). However, in fact most of the land the camp is located in the region Kiara Payung Tanjungsari District. In addition, Highway Jatinangor along 4.83 km of connecting Bandung with a piece of Sumedang Postweg De Groote (Post Road) made by Gouverneur Generaal en Maarschalk, Mr. Herman Willem Daendels in the year 1808.
Puri Khatulistiwa Hotel Jatinangor standard room
Puri Khatulistiwa Jatinangor
Puri Khatulistiwa Hotel is a hotel in Jatinangor located precisely on Jl. Jatinangor Raya Km. 20, Puri Khatulistiwa Hotel Jatinangor is a three star hotel, equipped with 67 accommodation rooms, hotel rooms Jatinangor consists of various types from the type of Standard rooms, Superior rooms, Deluxe rooms and Suite Room
Hotel Puri Khatulistiwa Jatinangor Cafe also provides a restaurant that serves a variety of your diet is reflected in the excellent menu choices typical masalakan Indonesia and overseas. You can also enjoy food, beer and beverages.
Hotel Puri Khatulistiwa Jatinangor Restaurant Provides delicious Indonesian cuisine dishes, European cuisine and Chinese cuisine, open for 24 hours. Castle Garden Cafe Equatorial Jatinangor makananan Provide the best, beer and drinks with relaxing and attractive scenery.
Hotel Puri Khatulistiwa Jatinangor provides you 4 conference rooms with maximum capacity up to 1000 people. do not forget the swimming pool and you can relax at the pool while enjoying food and drinks are available at the bar a little.
For reservations you can contact us at Hikari tour Jakarta Ph. 021-7668477 or price discount hotel Puri Khatulistiwa can be viewed at: Puri Khatulistwa Jatinangor Room Rates

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